The best thing to happen in Van Nuys (in the past half century) is about a month away from opening.

MacLeod Ale Brewing Company must already exist because they have a Facebook page. But further proof is evident at 14741 Calvert St. (east of Kester, three blocks north of Oxnard) where workers installed tanks and sinks, concrete counters and concrete floors, and a large cold storage room.

MacLeod will brew and serve fresh British style ales. Married owners Jennifer and Alastair Boase are carving out a civilized niche of craft brewing in the industrial heartland of old Van Nuys. Joining them is Head Brewer Andy Black who left Rhode Island, studied his passion in the UK, and came out to California.

Like Eagle Rock Brewery, also housed in a concrete industrial building, MacLeod will have a cinderblock facade. Nothing will really show the passerby that something great is happening inside.

But just wait until May…..




5 thoughts on “The Best Thing to Happen in Van Nuys in 50 Years…..(is a month away)

  1. This is awesome!!! You are right on when you say this is probably the best thing to happen in Van Nuys in 50 years! I am so happy this is going to be a reality and I really, really hope it is a great success. It means more so to me because it is in my old neighborhood; my childhood home was at 14607 Calvert St. I will definitely make it a point to visit MacLeod’s next time I am back in my old stomping grounds, possibly in June. 🙂


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