Friday Night Lights at MacLeod Ale


I stopped by MacLeod Ale in Van Nuys last night.

The mood was low-key. Scottish music played. People sat on stools in the cool air-conditioning. The servers were jokey.



Brewer Andy Black, serious and studious as usual, was in back testing his brew for sugar content.

At the new wood tables up front, people sat, drank beer and ate pizzas and truck food from Haute Burger.


DSCF1035 DSCF1034


This good looking couple came all the way from Haskell Street in Lake Balboa.

And outside the brewery, as night closed in, the dented cars and steel fences stood motionless as another long, hot day on Calvert Street went dark.

Calvert St.


2 thoughts on “Friday Night Lights at MacLeod Ale

  1. lol Good closing picture, Andy! I had so looked forward to this Grand Opening as I followed your blogs and pictures…then, low and behold I am told I have diabetes…so now can only observe in agony as others enjoy the fruits of all that hard work these young entrepreneurs did to create this awesome place in the middle of nowhere…actually, not that far out as “the Wine Locker” is presumably still near by and Rick Jason’s sweet wife likely still runs it. So make that two cool places within walking distance! Pun not intended 😉


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