Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 11.51.53 AMParked along Tujunga Avenue in North Hollywood, on the east side of the park, between Magnolia and Riverside, a remarkable new residential community of homeless people has been established in a line of permanently parked RVs.

Visible and egregious, with their reflective cardboard stuffed inside windshields to cool down the metal houses in the summer sun, these faded and rusted motor homes are testament, depressing and sobering, to the high cost of housing in Los Angeles and the inability of so many to find a suitable and safe place to live.

RV NH 4 RV NH 3 RV NH 2 RV NH 1 RV NH 15

I walked along here today and photographed some 15 vehicles where people live.

In front of one, a woman and two men were in lawn chairs, sitting in the shade. The lady asked me, in a friendly way, why I was photographing and I told her it was for my blog.

“I’m homeless. We’re all homeless,” she said.

And I told her I knew that. And I also said I was photographing these four-wheeled residences to let others know how their fellow human beings were forced to live.

“God bless you,” she said.

And I continued my walk.

RV NH 13 RV NH 14 RV NH 12 RV NH 11 RV NH 10 RV NH 9 RV NH 8 RV NH 7 RV NH 6 RV NH 5

11 thoughts on “The RV Encampment

  1. I have thought about the issue of those living in motorhomes. I suggest you take these photos in to your councilman’s office on a flash drive and leave the drive there for the councilman to see. Attach these question: How hard would it be to acquire vacant land for these people to park their RVs and cars? Wouldn’t that be a good place to start spending the $100 million you have pledged to spend?


  2. There’s another area by valley plaza park. North of victory and around the side streets. Which is probably some whom hang out at the markets right by there.


  3. Another favorite place for the RV homeless is Shoup Avenue just south of Sherman Way. The shame is that the city refuses to designate a piece of land where these RV dwellers can park their vehicles without fear of police harassment. Those same unused pieces of land could also provide space for the under the freeway campers to park their meager belongings.


  4. It wouldn’t be too difficult to publish an ongoing daily post from other parts of L.A. which showcase homeless encampments. North Hollywood’s Tujunga Boulevard is just one of many such places.


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