“At The Wagmor we understand that your dogs are your children. We go above and beyond the normal expectations and look for ways to make your dogs experience special. Being away from you can be traumatic and we understand that. We provide a calm, loving and supportive environment and always use products that are chemical free. We use the quietest dryers with heat control to ensure the comfort and safety of your pet. We use top of the line shampoos and conditioners and we take pride in being one of the first dog spas to offer Oxygen treatments and Aroma Therapy. While your dog is with us we will make sure he or she is happy and content. We hope you will become part of The Wagmor family.”

At The Wagmor in Studio City, the family dog can get a specialty haircut for $100, oxygen treatment for $18 or de-matting “for severe cases” at $60.

Across the street from the Wagmor, at Wylder’s, pet services include sonic teeth cleaning, acupuncture, massage therapy and psychic pet readings.

Further down Ventura, Healthy Spot offers nutrition consultations, non-anesthetic teeth cleaning, wellness clinics, pet photography and a grooming salon.

To those who are terrified of pet food impurities, Healthy Spot assures, “we understand that dogs are more than just pets; they are family. That’s why we’re committed to providing, even the most discerning pet owners, with a full range of wholesome, organic food lines as well as a wide selection of safe and eco-friendly toys, treats, training tools, grooming products, and services. We track every pet food recall and stock only the highest quality products. Rest assured, if it’s Healthy Spot approved, it’s safe.”

1-Collages 1-Collages4There are good people, moral people, and compassionate people in Los Angeles.

Some of these people might support gay marriage, universal health care, affirmative action, gun control, and organic food labeling. They are aghast at Mr. Trump’s comments about female anatomy, disabled reporters, Muslims and Mexicans.  They nuture their children. They teach them tolerance. They tell them that a transgendered teen deserves respect and understanding.

Yet what in God’s name is going on with seeing and ignoring human beings living, sleeping, eating, defecating, and wandering the streets of Los Angeles, and all around Studio City, while dogs are being treated to luxury spas and psychotherapy?

There is a woman who has lived on Ventura Boulevard making her home on a bus bench for the last year! Her home is in front of two banks, Citibank and Union Bank.


People are eating out of garbage dumpsters.

They are going around unwashed and unfed.

They have mental health issues that are not treated.

They sleep in alleys, under bridges, alongside railroad tracks.

They make beds in parking lots and sleep on the asphalt.

And there are many dogs in Los Angeles who live better lives than people.

How can we drive our Range Rovers up to the pet spa and spend $200 on canine hair stylings when we can’t take care of a man or a woman on the street?

How sick and misplaced, decadent and dehumanizing are our priorities?




6 thoughts on “Your Dogs Are Your Children.

  1. great read and even more, great pictures! We should hook up and shoot some videos. I was born in guatemala but was raised in Van nuys, ca my whole life.


  2. The label is “limousine liberal,” and such people are a dime a dozen and all over Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Portland or similar such cities. They feign love and concern all the time, but flush their common sense down the drain. So they end up neither compassionate nor logical. Frightening creatures they are, actually.


  3. Andy, what you are seeing today has only become more amplified from days gone by. People are now more detached/electronically wired, less concerned with even respecting pedestrians over their 4,000 lb. vehicles. They are less inclined to follow basic driving laws, less likely to bother to get along with anyone not of their own thinking and everyone is convinced they have the answers-thus making everyone else’s opinions mute in their eyes. You want more of this coming in to L.A.? It’s your choice. You’re younger than I am. But I have seen continued advance of ‘more and more’, the onslaught, the impoverishment, the massive gains in youth to our city, the expectations that someone owes all of them jobs? Where do those who write get off thinking this sort of thing? You can’t be both liberal and conservative. At some point, everyone has to make a choice and work towards/or from that belief to try to bring about the best possible outcome. But hating government and then expecting it to solve all of society’s ills is a total joke. When/while I was still working, I went from having been raised a nice/naive little Young Republican to championing causes that party totally disdained. I gave/donated massive amounts of money for change-that never came. In fact, one party wiped out all good I might have done just by legislating it away! Just like that. I tried causes, then learned most were backed by wealthy families making further money while administering said causes? So I took on a random family…and ended up with total losers, drug addicts, bums, derelicts, criminals…my garage got burned down, my safe was looted of everything three generations had worked and saved for, and my job was lost sooner than hoped for. In between, I wrote songs to try to bring about changes…but if no one is listening, you are preaching to the choir. I know you are trying to make a name for yourself-through your writing, your photography, your impassioned words-but finding those whom you can get help through can be a mind-altering experience in and of itself. Here’s hoping your luck improves in 2016!!! Note: I was gonna send you a song I wrote about just the things you are observing, but can’t find the file anymore? “L.A.’s O.K., Anyway” best to yaRobert e Leep.s. it just started raining…sure hope the walls don’t leak today?


    1. “You can’t be both liberal and conservative.”

      Since when? Plenty are pro gay rights and pro military, pro choice and pro gun, pro free market and pro Medicaid. The choices are not between liberal and conservative but rather between the logical and the emotional or the factual and the fearful.


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