Hayvenhurst Boulevard, straddling the western edge of Van Nuys Airport, was pushed out of its formerly north-south straight alignment in the early 1960s. The purpose: to accomodate the expansion and safety needs of the airport.

What resulted is a confoundingly obtuse roadway that twists and turns through industrial streets and ends up connecting with Balboa Boulevard.

In the postwar era, any order coming from men in neckties with important titles was unquestioningly obeyed by the American public.

Hayvenhurst Widening HayvenhurstPhotograph caption dated July 11, 1960 reads, “Re-aligning Havenhurst – Federal Aviation Agency approval was obtained for re-alignment of Haybenhurst avenue, Councilman James Corman announced after conferences with federal officials. Shown at proposed intersection at Roscoe Boulevard are three interested officials (from left) Airport Commissioner Harry Dow, Corman and Public Works chief Ed Cox.”

Credit: LAPL


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