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It was a perfect day to stay in, a rainy Sunday, windy and wet.

Chicken Cacciatore with mashed potatoes would come later in the day, but sometime in the middle of the afternoon, I went outside, between the rains, and walked around the neighborhood.

Gutterless Columbus streamed slow, dark rivers, past neglected houses and errant yards.

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On Haynes, an impromptu lake formed at the end of the street, temporarily transforming a ranch house into a lakeside cabin.

Blown down palm fronds littered Hamlin Street.  And up in the sky a patch of blue, like the eye of God, looked down on Earth.

Lord knows we need rain.

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2 thoughts on “Between the Rains

  1. I can’t help mentally landscaping that house with the tile roof. Two or three clumps of century plants (agaves) would look great. One of them needs to hide the side door. It could be an awesome-looking place without too much trouble.


  2. drove down riverside drive from laurel canyon going east cant believe all the ranch homes that have been bulldozed for built to the property line vinyl windowed shitty condo’s…who buys these cheaply made garbage holes


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