Photo by Andreas Samson.


Andreas Samson, who writes the blog “Up in the Valley” has penned a new post about a convenience store owner, fed up with thieves, who now posts photos of them on his wall.

“Since the passage of Prop. 47 in 2014, theft of less than $950 is considered to be a misdemeanor. With the concurrent passage of AB 109, the state prison system is mandated to transfer much of its population to county jails to ease overcrowding, leaving no room locally to hold those on misdemeanor offenses.  Unless you assault someone, you can steal with impunity in Los Angeles,” he writes.

The photos are some kind of modern crime art and are reminiscent of the work of Ray Johnson.

One thought on “Crime Art

  1. Yes, I see the Ray Johnson resemblance.

    As for the crime with impunity thing… I remember the law and order craze of the 80’s and 90’s when kids found with a joint were sent to state prison for years. Three strikes. Zero tolerance. Tough on crime. That policy bred an army of young men who never left the system. It also created a very expensive set of tax payer funded institutions that grew to be so huge that the state can’t continue to pay for them anymore. So the state is pushing the inmates and the costs back down to the municipalities that sent the criminals up the food chain in the first place. And the locals don’t want to pay to house them in city jails either. So we get early release and we let petty thieves walk. And of course it’s always someone else’s fault.


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