One thought on “Calvert St. After the Rains.

  1. Great pictures, Andy…I see you spend quite a bit of time on [Lord] Calvert St. I try to avoid site of that great Alehouse as it began being built just as I was diagnosed with Diabetes. Man did that hurt. I’d’ve so loved to have gone in there and enjoyed their hospitality. Anyway, just curious, is the “Wine Locker” still there-closer to Kester Ave. For your etification, it was built by/begun by Rick Jason (remember the “Combat TV series” back in the 1960’s. Anyway, after his untimely death, his wife, Cindi took it over and far as I know, has been running it ever since. He used to live on my street-Hartsook-but when they got married, they bought a home out in Moorpark. after that, I barely ever saw him again. She’s a beautiful lady from Hong Kong-I believe. Anyway, as you might imagine, my days in the wine industry are/were long ago. I sadly look back on so many fun times. But you can never go back…


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