The architectural blog Dezeen has a cornucopia of outstanding designs from around the world.

They have many projects from Japan, including small homes, which the Japanese have constructed all around the densely populated country.

The Gap House, by MUU Store Design Studio, (shown above) only covers a total area of 200 square feet, yet it embodies an inventive, imaginative and practical way to live, with its light-filled interior and clean, modern layout.

It is sandwiched between two other buildings, yet it does not feel claustrophobic. The house is located in a residential area near Sagami Bay in Kanagawa Prefecture,Japan.

Alleys are where these small homes are constructed. In Japan, most alleys are  fastidiously neat. Nobody desecrates their environment in Japan.


Here in Van Nuys our alleys tell our stories of how we value ourselves, our city and our nation:

Van Nuys

Van Nuys

Around Van Nuys there are numerous places where this type of housing could be erected, and the benefits of building this type are many.

They are more affordable, they could provide walkable, new, community oriented housing near Van Nuys Boulevard, and they would help in the revitalization of our community.

Right now, Van Nuys is zoned to deny imaginative solutions to our housing crisis. We need to free up zoning to allow, encourage and incentivize developers, architects, investors and small-home builders to build more with less restrictions.

The alternative is the bleak, expensive, dirty, dilapidated slum of current day downtown and vicinity Van Nuys. It is appalling but it must not be our future. We must step up and change it for the better.

14547 Gilmore St. Van Nuys, CA 91405

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