Between Oxnard and Vanowen, on either side of Van Nuys Bl. fully 75% of the land is taken up, not by buildings, but parking lots.

Near Oxnard, on both sides of the Busway, parking lots are used mostly for storage of unsold, new cars from nearby Keyes dealerships.

Along the civic center, there are enormously underused concrete parking lots, several stories high, built in the 1960s.

Civic Center Parking

Moving north, beyond Vanowen, near Kittridge, there are wide open parking lots behind shuttered businesses where perhaps 25% of the spaces available are used for cars.

Think about these parking lots when people complain that Van Nuys is too crowded, that we don’t have room for more apartments, that we don’t have space to house homeless persons, that we cannot find room for parks, that we simply don’t have land for urban gardens or nature spaces.

Think about these parking lots, see them in your head, when people complain that there is nowhere to park, that we spend too much time in traffic, that our air quality is low, that we are baking in a hot area where there are not enough trees even as the Earth warms.


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