A Cleared Lot

They have almost completely cleared the 27, 762 SF lot that is 6505 Columbus.

The property once held a single family house, constructed in 1937.

One of the owners was a production manager and second unit director, Cliff Broughton, Sr.

On November 14, 1949, Mr. Broughton’s son, Cliff Jr. was piloting the 136- foot-long schooner Enchantress, along with 14 passengers, from Newport Beach, CA to Panama, and later Tahiti, when it ran aground in a sandbar off the coast of Baja California. The boat was eventually freed and everyone survived.

The senior Mr. Broughton put 6505 Columbus up for sale in 1950. Perhaps the yacht drama had distressed him.

In an LA Times classified ad from January 15, 1950, 6505 Columbus was called “Rancho Perfecto.” The one acre estate with 6 rooms, included a guest house, rumpus room, laundry house, tool house, double garage with storage closets, patio, and a lighted badminton court. There were also “plenty of shade and fruit trees.”

They were asking $22,500.

For many years 6505 was part of six other large, underdeveloped and underprivileged properties on the west side of Columbus from Hamlin to Kittridge. In a previous post this area was described accurately as I saw it.

Now they are almost done clearing the house and flattening the land where some four homes will sit between two roads, Hamlin and a TBD.

A large apartment building will be the backdrop for the next 100 years of drama at 6505 Columbus.

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