On March 30, 2007 there was a fire burning in Griffith Park.

And I was walking in Studio City when a red-haired woman drove up and parked on Ventura Bl. in an odd little purple car, a Nash Rambler. Her license plate read “Kissmet.” I’m sure she is someone, or was someone, quite beloved, judging by her car and plate.

Yesterday, 13.7 years later, there was another fire burning above Warner Brothers Studio near Barham. And the same atomic plume of smoke went up in the sky and theatrically filled up the space between the rows of palm trees along Ventura Boulevard.

There was no Nash Rambler in yesterday’s photograph, and by comparison, in content and style, the new image is quite unexciting and unremarkable.

When fire threatens Los Angeles, the first thing we think of is our loved ones, and then our homes, and lastly our cars.  

Or perhaps it’s the reverse.

2 thoughts on “The Fire Last Time

  1. The adorable little car in your 2007 photos is a Nash Metropolitan, and a bit of a mishmash of vintages. The chassis is most likely a late Mk IV (~1959) due to the flush mounted rear deck lid and vent-wing windows. However the single bar grille with “M” logo as well as the hood with the “scoop” are from a Mk I or Mk II car (pre Dec 1955).


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