With the pandemic locking the world down until a cure is found, Los Angeles is again leading the way to find out how to do business and stay safe.

Here are some new innovations which are startling in their modernity and imaginativeness:

To keep patrons safe, many restaurants are now offering service directly to your vehicle by servers who are now called “carhops.”

To keep customers safe at home, many companies are now delivering food and beverages directly to homes.

The virus is less likely to be spread outdoors than in confined, indoor spaces. With that in mind, many buses in Los Angeles now offer open windows and open air transportation to riders.

The danger of pumping gas, of putting your hands on a surface touched by hundreds of strangers, is one reason why service station attendants have again been added at many locations. With unemployment rising, pumping gas has eagerly become one of the most sought after careers in Los Angeles in the Covid Era.

And lastly, instead of cramming into a closed store with hundreds of other contaminated people, why not put the produce out on the sidewalk where there is less chance of standing near a sneezer or cougher? Sunlight is a natural purifier of the virus too.


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