In 1961, the Valley Times newspaper ran a contest to promote a new insert, Weekend.  The winners produced a clipping of Miss Weekend Weather and claimed a $10 prize if they were chosen. 

A photo essay, with pictures of the winners, entitled, “People People Envy” ran on September 3, 1961 in the Valley Times. All the women were courteously named, in the custom of that time, with their husband’s names, i.e., Mrs. Patrick McGarry.

It was an era when women were not considered complete unless they had a husband. 

September 3, 1961 

Mrs. William A. Rygg, 13430 Oxnard St., Van Nuys; Mrs. Walter Schulte, 8720 Hazeltine Ave., Panorama City; Mrs. Brace Gurnee, 11744 Otsego St., North Hollywood; Mrs. Jay David, 7519 Owensmouth Ave., Canoga Park; Mrs. Frank Dalton, 926 Parish Pl., Burbank; Mrs. F. W. Walpole, 17500 Minnehaha St., Granada Hills; Mrs. S. E. Meck, 9132 Yolanda Ave., Northridge; Mrs. Patrick McGarry, 5104 Woodley Ave., Encino; Ruth Fulton, 6619 Wynne Ave., Reseda, and Mrs. William Schmitt, 14201 Remington St., Pacoima. 

2 thoughts on “People People Envy

  1. Moreover, an era when people were willing to have their home address published in a newspaper.

    I can recall reading Letters to the Editor in the hometown (and now defunct) Oxnard Press-Courier about, say, 1970……when I would have been 12……and every one had name and address at the bottom. I don’t think we are returning to that anytime soon either.


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