Thanksgiving Archives.

In the archives of the Los Angeles Public Library are many old photographs from defunct newspapers such as the Valley Times and the Herald Examiner.

Thanksgiving is always a holiday where family, togetherness, food, and feeding the hungry are foremost.

The old ways of thinking about this holiday are on display in some of the images below, taken in the 1950s and 60s.

2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Archives.

  1. I was born around the mid-range of those photos. That’s a world we’ll never see again. On the plus side the smog is mostly gone, air and car travel is better and safer, and ohh how we love our upgraded Dick Tracy Wrist Radios. On the other hand…….

    I certainly don’t think people are any HAPPIER. In fact, anything but. And I honestly don’t think that’s just age talking.

    Yet still – Happy Thanksgiving.


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