Westwood in the 1970s

On Facebook (of course) there is a group called "Westwood Village in the 70s and 80s." Photos used in this post come from that page and are duly credited. I wasn't there back then, so I cannot attest to the apparent excitement, vibrancy, energy and entertainment that existed in that district forty years ago. All…

Impressions of Chicago (Part II)

I was born and raised in Chicago. How I thought of that city, which I left before I became an adult, was cloaked and colored under the family who brought me up there and who soaked their biases into my head. That Chicago, more specifically Lincolnwood, became a suffocating, judgmental, intolerant and petty landscape of…

Art in the San Fernando Valley: 1970-1990

CSUN will run, from August 25-October 11, 2014 an art show devoted to the San Fernando Valley as it existed in the years 1970-1990. One of the artists, whose work will exhibit here, is Mike Mandel. I found some of his photographs on Flickr.

Van Nuys Boulevard Cruising: Early 1970s

  Richard McCloskey's images of Van Nuys Boulevard in the early 1970s, the cruising and the cars, is now for sale at Art Prints. The photos show young people having a good time while¬†hanging out, congregating on the street, and in the shopping center, which still stands next to Gelson's on Van Nuys Boulevard. Cruising,…

John Divola: San Fernando Valley (1971-1973)

Some interesting early 1970s photos of the San Fernando Valley, by John Divola, are up at Americansuburbx.com