May 15, 1994.

Twenty years ago, I packed a large green duffle bag, boarded a plane and flew from New York to Los Angeles. On the flight, sitting beside me: Julie Garfield, daughter of actor John Garfield. She was an acting teacher and gave me her card. I rode a van from LAX that travelled circuitously through the…

Van Nuys Orange Tree

Photo by Andy Hurvitz

Valerio, Orion and Cohasset Streets.

If they ever decide to revive Van Nuys, they might come up to Valerio, Orion and Cohasset Streets, north of Sherman Way, West of Sepulveda, East of the 405, an old place on the map where big estates sit in semi-ruins next to newer neighbors carved up and gated in. The old Valley comes and…

Journal of American Progress: Short Stories by Andy Hurvitz

I have finished editing Journal of American Progress, a self-published book of eight short stories. There is a $2.99 download available for the ipad. My hope is to reach a wider audience, in an easy and economical way. I am publishing for the new generation who reads on a tablet. Here again is a summary…

Dry Wind-a new short story by Andy Hurvitz

Manipulated by Hollywood promises, an indebted editor, working on a pop star video, suffers blinding headaches, red eyes, and debilitating depression;and is sent on a fool’s errand to take stolen money to an old woman in San Angelo, Texas; confronting tragedy, memory and love’s delusions. Dry Wind.