The Bright Shop by Andy Hurvitz

Case Study House #9, originally uploaded by Here in Van Nuys.

An excerpt from my new short story “The Bright Shop”.

Log Line:

A European refugee designs a new life in 1960s Los Angeles only to see it crumble, near the Pacific, on the edge of a new decade.


Tail Road runs like a jagged capillary along the top of a mountain ridge, rising up from the ocean near Santa Monica and high up into the canyon. Below it, cliffs, rocks and erosion.

It’s a narrow finger of a road, shaded and hidden, wooded and secluded, a private place, home to a very few, who live behind walls and gates, eucalyptus and ornamental grasses, sprayed in fog and breeze.

Rich are the residents, self-made or self-employed, made wealthy by defending the law- or defying it.

At the western end of Tail Road, just before its precarious termination over Pacific Coast Highway, the one-story, steel and glass, 1957 Seams House sits on a flat, two-acre promontory.

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