Middle of June

It is only mid-June but already the extreme heat has landed in Southern California. Every week there is another "record breaking" temperature in thousands of places, not only here but around the world. To an older Angeleno, June once meant days of haze, overcast and cloudy. The Pacific Ocean was cooler, even cold. The truly…

Unstable Atmosphere/ Yesterday, a Strange Light

Yesterday, I went downtown. I took my camera. And I drove, in my meandering way, locally, hunting for light and shadow. I left Van Nuys and went through Griffith Park and picked up Glendale Blvd where it emerges in Silver Lake and runs down into Echo Park. Near Effie Street, I stopped. And I saw…

Los Angeles, Oregon.

Los Angeles is not, by nature, an introverted, bundled up, snuggly, gray, rainy city. But this year, the rains came early. And we have had several weeks of storms, cold nights, blustery evenings. And sparkling days with intermittent showers and drizzles, puddles and frost. Nearby, up in the mountains, the nights are much colder and…

Meteorological Melodrama.

The cold front, pounding rain and dark clouds that swept through Los Angeles this past weekend painted the sky with intense color. And a rare, invigorating chill gripped the Southland; quite appropriate for the end of daylight savings time.


Gathering-Storm.jpg, originally uploaded by Here in Van Nuys. Our weather, of late, metaphorically reflecting the condition of our nation.