Middle of June

It is only mid-June but already the extreme heat has landed in Southern California.

Every week there is another “record breaking” temperature in thousands of places, not only here but around the world.

To an older Angeleno, June once meant days of haze, overcast and cloudy.

The Pacific Ocean was cooler, even cold. The truly hot times did not start until late August.

Now the ocean is warmer, semi-tropical, and the clouds that emanate from the sea are the clouds we see in the sky, and they are the clouds one sees in places like Miami and Houston. There is “monsoonal moisture” and the air is thick, even in the morning, making the heat more intense.

I’m not a meteorologist but something is very strange in the skies these days.

This is what the “Kester Ridge” neighborhood looked like around 6:30 am today.

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