An Atheist.

An atheist who gives his money to the poor is closer to God than a religious man who does not.

An atheist doesn’t justify his actions in God’s name.

An atheist doesn’t need to run for political office shouting out how “devout” he is.

An atheist won’t blow himself up on a bus to kill unbelievers.

An atheist doesn’t talk about “family values” in terms of magical belief systems.

An atheist might work to establish justice in his own lifetime, because he knows it’s his only life.

An atheist believes in protecting the environment because it’s heaven on Earth.

An atheist doesn’t need to practice tolerance for other religions, because to him all humans are divine.

An atheist knows that Man created God in his image and he mostly understands the psychology behind it, even if he doesn’t accept it.

8 thoughts on “An Atheist.

  1. this brown skinned atheist knows better than to share this sort of information because people just are not smart or independent enough to handle it


  2. Why are most atheists white? Is that a supremacy thing? To prove that all the religious darker-skinned people are inferior?

    Atheism is the only belief system invented by the white man — Christianity, Paganism, Judaism, etc. were all imported.


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