To anyone who hopes in a future where a war may end, and taking care of the old, poor and sick may begin, the Presidential race is a dream.

Hilary Clinton, with her minute knowledge of policy, and single-minded pursuit of health care, embodies a leader who knows the dirty levers of politics, and can get into the grit and deliver the prize.

Her opponent, Barack Obama, has a lean physique, an eloquent voice, and a religious calling which channels the ghosts of John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King and Abraham Lincoln. He speaks, of “one America”, just as St. Paul wrote in his letter to the Galatians, “We are all one in Christ”. His words are moving, bringing some of us to tears, hoping that he somehow can lead us to a mountain and into the valley of milk and honey.

And then there is the “pro-life” party, a.k.a. The Republicans. They stand on the mountaintop with a flag, but below them, shrouded in fog, is the valley of death….

They love “life” so much, that they want to give $515 billion to the Defense Department, $17b to the Department of Energy for weapons research, and $40 billion to the “Department of Homeland Security”. These ravenous expenditures are piddling compared to the costs of financing health care.

The pro-life party has a platform rife with the most illogical contradictions possible. They praise free enterprise, but offer tax cuts for oil companies and tax breaks for the wealthy. They never talk of the poor who are fighting for us in Iraq.

The Christian preacher Hucksterbee talks of his love for the second amendment (the right to bear arms) to a country where gun violence has made some American cities uninhabitable. Christ with a semi-automatic…..walking into a school in Van Nuys, perhaps.

And they talk of morality, as something that is somehow degraded only by Hollywood, as if a fictional porn video or a fictional violent video game were the same thing as an unneeded war that has cost the lives of tens of thousands.

Even as they run for the highest office in the land, they will get a cheap laugh by degrading “Washington”. They will talk of how we must reduce spending, even as we spend more for war than the rest of the world combined.

McCain will talk of Vietnam and Iraq, be feted on “Meet the Press” every week, and dodge specifics, just as he has always done. He is anything but a straight talker. We should be wary of those who wear their integrity on their sleeve with slogans like his.

Tim Russert, Bill O’Reilly, Chris Matthews, Maureen Dowd: they will all sneer and snark at Candidate Clinton, if she should be nominated. You can imagine how the color of her pantsuits will drown out any discussion of policy. White haired, denture mouthed McCain will become a “statesman” and his time in a prison camp, 40 years ago, will bequeth him with a royal macho crown that no botoxed power lady can compete with.

And one Wednesday morning in November 2008, we will all awaken to another four years of war without health insurance, and a country that is owned by China and Dubai, and whose citizens are getting fat living off credit cards and believing lies.

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