082658 07 11, originally uploaded by dboo.

Bostonian Nick DeWolf made a trip out here in 1958 and happened to capture this condemned house in Chavez Ravine. A poor, but close knit neighborhood was destroyed for the construction of Dodger Stadium.

2 thoughts on “Chavez Ravine: 1958

  1. A few years back, a play about this very thing called “Chavez Ravine” was produced at the Mark Taper by Culture Clash. It’s definitely work seeing if it is produced again.


  2. ..actually it was slated to be destroyed for a public housing development. The land was given to the
    O’Malleys when the project was scrapped due to efforts by the local media and conservative politicians who labeled it “socialistic”. There are lots of things about Walter O’Malley that are left to be desired. But it’s not like the Dodgers came to LA and kicked them out. I like to think that the Dodgers, over time, have brought something to our community that balances out the crap those people went through…obviously the familes of those affected would disagree (if you haven’t figured it out yet i’m a lifelong Dodger fan)..


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