Taco Truck Law Dumbness.

Leave it to Los Angeles to make a law that will endanger small businesses, create more air pollution, inconvenience people, and waste gasoline. The “Taco Truck” ordinance will require these mobile restaurants to move around and will forbid them from staying in one location for more than an hour.

The NY Times reports how this started:

“They are a blight,” said Omar Loya of East Los Angeles who took his complaints about the trucks to the office of his county supervisor, Gloria Molina.

Ms. Molina’s policy director, Gerry Hertzberg, said the trucks had become “a big quality of life issue” in some neighborhoods.

“Businesses with a fixed place of business complain about unfair competition and the spillover effects mobile vendors have on the surrounding area,” Mr. Hertzberg said, citing litter, noise, public urination and excessive parking space hoarding as typical complaints.

I live in a neighborhood near Sepulveda and Victory without any taco trucks. Yet we also have litter, noise, public urination and excessive traffic.

Taco Trucks provide a cheap and easy way for people to feed themselves. They bring life to the sidewalk and neighborhood, far more than the ugly sight of the mini-mall restaurant that typically blights much of Los Angeles.

Just today, I ate a fresh shrimp Cerviche taco at the wonderful “Mariscos El Manglar” in East LA near E. Olympic and S. Downey Road. It cost me all of $3.00.

Next month, this wonderful business will spend half the day driving around, burning gas and adding to the air pollution in an already poisonously smoggy neighborhood.

Good work Ms. Molina.

13 thoughts on “Taco Truck Law Dumbness.

  1. I love my local taco truck! Shouts out to El Gordo. Char-grilled chicken tacos that literally call out the local taqueria champ, Rincon Taurino. The very neat touch of a little tostadita filled with home made frijoles charros (Cowboy beans) next to your tacos, for free. I’d love to see El Gordo get a permanent home here in Panorama City. But until then, they keep their truck nice, they have the support of neighboring businesses, and at least in my neighborhood people wait until they get home with their para llevar order of El Gordo tacos before they take a leak. 😛


  2. My neighborhood was nice up until about a year ago. Now we have graffiti up and down the street at all times, and a guy has set up shop on a residential street corner selling fruit. I just noticed that the smell of piss is coming from…that corner.

    WTF people? Find a restroom or take your unlicensed business elsewhere.


  3. I totally agree with the new ordinance. Mexicans have to abide by the law sometime in their life. Its bad enough they don’t believe in education. If they believed in getting an education they wouldn’t have to drive around making minimum wages and living with 5 other families in a single bedroom apartment. I don’t feel sorry for people who say they want a better life but aren’t willing to get an education to better their life. All we here are complaints and negativity about how we don’t treat illegals right well its too bad get an education if you don’t like the way you’re treated.


  4. taco trucks are for poor mexicans. this is america – hopefully with a slowing economy, rocketing gas, and lousy benefits for illegals that makes them essentially slaves, most of em will go back and the taco trucks can drive em there!


  5. taco trucks help alot. if your low on cash and theres a taco truck up the street chances are you gonna want one.There fresh and bomb!the urination thing is bad. that should not be allowed.theres a taco truck down the street from me and i dont want them to leave. best tacos on vanowen and etiwanda!!!!


  6. A good point to the story is the potential loss of cheap, relatively healthy, and delicious meals. I bet you could still get your Big Mac or Taco Bell across the street.


  7. I LOOOOOVVVEEEE taco trucks!!!
    they are so conviniant when I get out of classes or when i’m out at the mall. HOW DARE THEY TAKE THEM AWAY!! I miss my double saucey tacos!!!


  8. Try this… Pick a location, get all the permits/licenses required by the government.
    Then let a taco truck park in front of your place.
    Then you will be qualified to opine.


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