Clean Up on Victory.

On Victory, just east of Sepulveda, a community-minded property owner has painted and landscaped five one-story residential rental buildings. The units were previously painted uniformly bland beige, and the new colors, in various shades of autumnal hues, provide a unified and clean presence in this area of Van Nuys.

This kind of housing, circa 1950, with single paned windows and back entrances for milk delivery, garbage and hanging wet clothes, is from a time when people didn’t live in fear. Van Nuys was once largely self-policing and law abiding, so builders erected apartment units where people could socialize on front porches and leave their screen doors open to cool down on a hot summer night.

The Van Nuys of 1950 had many newcomers, just like today, but they came from Oklahoma, Ohio and New York. These buildings are clean, modest and well kept. One can only hope they are a harbinger of better days to come here in Van Nuys.

2 thoughts on “Clean Up on Victory.

  1. kudos to the owners for taking the time to do that. I wish all property owners were made responsible for maintaining their property and not becoming slumlords.
    do you know what kind of facility is operating right across columbus from these duplexes? it looks like a kind of rehabilitation center.


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