Along Burbank Blvd. (East of Kester)

Burbank Blvd. East of Kester.
Burbank Blvd. East of Kester.

These storefronts, along Burbank Blvd. in Van Nuys, just east of Kester, were recently remodeled.

This had been a flagstone fronted, rather bland and functional 1950s block of stores, which could have been dropped into the the town of Burbank without anyone noticing.

Now, just in time for the coming recession, the facade has been fashionably disassembled into brightly colored geometric divisions with metallic framed glass and a long, horizontal, steel beam awning.

This type of building, suited for pedestrian traffic, was once commonplace in LA, but was replaced by the scourge of mini-malls whose parking lots and billboards deface much of our city.

It would be nice if this neighborhood had enough civic energy to plant trees along Burbank Boulevard to screen out the hot sun. It might also be delightful to see sidewalk cafes, and a center meridian full of trees carved out of this wide street.

Burbank Blvd. might be a more civilized place to stroll and relax.

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