Yahoo! Will Lay Off 10% of its Workforce.

Yahoo is laying off 10% of its workforce as profits continue to fall. (net income dropped by 64%)

I cannot speak in those intimately techy ways about the inside story of Yahoo! I only know how it feels to go online and use one of their products. They manage to screw everything up, I believe.

For example, they introduced a “beta” version of their email where one could allegedly drag and drop folders seamlessly. I would always grab my mouse, clicking onto a junk email and try to delete it. The speed of the action was like opening a bottle of Elmer’s Glue. It just sat on-screen and stuck. Nothing happened.

I loved the photo website Flickr and then Yahoo! bought it. Over the past year, they have introduced “improvements” that are frankly designed to permit them to shove more advertising onto Flickr and basically make the layout of the website uglier and more difficult to navigate and understand.

Whenever a website undergoes a redesign (such as Facebook did recently), you can bet it is only to make more space for commercials. They lie and say “user input” influenced design decisions. Yahoo wants every white space to be sold and occupied.

My brother uses the My Yahoo page to keep up with the news and blogs. He sent me about five emails the other day trying to understand how to add an RSS feed to his My Yahoo page. He is a very smart guy, technically savvy, and yet Yahoo provided no easy way for him to easily add RSS. They have a way of making even the simplest things hard. I tried to implore him to use “Google Reader” but he hasn’t given up on Yahoo yet.

I’ve tried to play videos advertised on the Yahoo website and always spend about a half hour dodging advertising on the way to the video. I never have that problem on YouTube or Google. Yahoo is greedy, damn greedy, and their thirst to make everything commercial first, and put the user second, is exactly why they are doing so poorly.

And finally, the Yahoo page is ugly, full of lots of clutter and crap and those awful links to such mysteries as OMG, Shine and Answers. What the fuck are these categories and why do they share important space with easily understandable ones like “Sports” and “Weather”?

The Internet is a technical marvel but it will rise or fall on how easily it can be used by ordinary dummies like me. On that test, Yahoo fails.

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