Red Light Runners: Deadly.

I grew up In Illinois, in a more quaint era, when we were taught to keep one car distance away from another vehicle for every 1o MPH we traveled.

And then there was this other annoying law: You were required to stop for a red light. There were no exceptions.

This author learned the hard way ($425), a few months ago, that one should not even turn right on a red when going 15 MPH.

Now there are two recent red light running deaths to report. A motorcyclist in Van Nuys was killed a few days ago when he ran a red light.

And there is the tragedy of the USC students, one killed, the other seriously injured, after a female driver ignored a red light and struck both pedestrians.

The City of Los Angeles and the State of California should come together and create a new $2500 fine for any driver who runs a red light. The state could use the money, as could this city. It sounds extreme, but killing an innocent person is even more extreme.

And if we have a law where red light running is punishable for $2500, maybe someone who is alive today, will be alive tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “Red Light Runners: Deadly.

  1. Anyone know how to put authorities responsible for road safety and law enforcements under a consent decree to improve the road kills? US road fatalities is among the highest in the world. I notice that CHP and local police don’t enforce surface and highway speed limits like other countries where fatalities are lower (like UK and Aus, for instance). Take the example of the recent truck-out-of-control incident on the Angeles crest highway, and one suspects yet another laissez faire agency sleeping at the wheel.


    1. That is a good point. Like many things in America, we talk a good game about law and order but shut our eyes to the criminality in our midst.


  2. Over the weekend I saw a blond woman take a speeding left turn into my neighborhood, slow down a little but not stopping for a stop sign and then speed down the residential street way beyond the 15 mph posted speed limit. She was driving a newer Audi suv and seemed to wonder why I was glaring at her while she blew by me. Pretty sure she speaks english.


  3. A radical proposition: begin enforcing the laws we already have on the books. My father was hit twice in the last few years by illegal immigrants who possessed NO LICENSE, NO REGISTRATION, NO INSURANCE. Did the police impound these cars? Arrest them? Even issue a ticket? No.

    The next time you’re pulled over, just “No habla Ingles . . .” It worked for these guys.


  4. yeah, but the third world rejects cant or wont read signs. and dont care about american laws. especially when the hole they crawled out of, has no laws. 99 out of 100, it will be a illegal that hits and runs….


    1. I don’t agree with your generalization at all. Stand at the corner of Chandler and Hazeltine or Burbank and Kester and see if the late model SUV speeding through the red light is being driven by a poor Mexican. Chances are, it is not.


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