1952: Storm in Sherman Oaks & Studio City





Looking back at these March 15, 1952 photos of a rainstorm in Sherman Oaks & Studio City (Vantage/Ventura) you see the humble, commercial, helter-skelter development of commerce along Ventura Boulevard.

57 years ago, most businesses still had awnings on the windows to keep out the summer sun. Air-conditioning was not widespread.

The gas stations were not the modern covered ones we have today, but were a combination of adobe/Spanish styles from the 1920s and slicker ones from the 1930s.

People ate a lot of ice cream at soda fountains.

And what happened to all those elegant lampposts, the same ones that still grace Wilshire Boulevard?

5 thoughts on “1952: Storm in Sherman Oaks & Studio City

  1. these photos remind me of growing up in the valley in the 70s and 80s when drainage was REALLY bad during the rainstorms. lots of streets had no drainage pipes at all or if they did, they were puny. i remember people actually canoeing on Haskell in the late 70’s after one very bad storm. Fortunately the city enlarged the drainage pipes on our street in the late 80’s and it hasn’t been a problem since then.

    but i remember many times driving around water like that in my mom’s 66 buick lesabre and her pumping the drum brakes furiously so the car would come to a stop.


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