Today There Was Some Kind of Election.

I cannot verify if this is true, but apparently, today in the state of California, there was an election.

I read about it in the Daily News. This is part of what they said:

“At the core of the governor’s reform effort is Proposition 1A, which extends a sales tax hike for a year; increases the state income and motor vehicle taxes for two years; and increases the state’s “rainy day” fund from 5 to 12.5 percent of the General Fund. It also gives the governor the power to make midyear spending cuts when revenues fall short of projections.

My comment: why not just raise the tax on gasoline by 50 cents?

Proposition 1B, which would take effect only if 1A passes, would restore $9.3 billion to public schools and community colleges, beginning in 2011.

My comment: so the second proposition can only take effect if the first one takes effect. Makes sense to me.

Proposition 1C allows the state to borrow $5 billion against future earnings on the state lottery.

My comment: the state of California is in the gambling business and encourages its citizens and others visiting here to gamble to support the state spending habit.

Proposition 1D would temporarily divert revenue from children’s health programs, while Proposition 1E would funnel funds from mental health services to reduce the deficit.

My comment: when times are tough, that’s when you have to get tough on children and the mentally ill.

Finally, Proposition 1F – the only measure currently leading in public opinion polls – would prohibit the governor, lawmakers and other elected state officials from receiving pay raises in years when the state is running a deficit.

My comment: only this one makes any sense

Even if the measures are approved by voters, the state will still be facing a $15 billion deficit. If the package fails, the shortfall jumps to $21 billion.

My comment: I didn’t vote today and I am not ashamed.

One thought on “Today There Was Some Kind of Election.

  1. I stumbled on your blog today and caught myself reading one after another 🙂 Really like your writings and the GREAT photos.

    Jeremy Jones
    Fresno CA

    ps I work in LA (Hollywood when my buddy with ABC calls me up for the Oscars, Just wanted to say I laughed so hard with the blog regarding directions 🙂 Seems everyone uses landmarks and have lost the whole sense of direction. Im a fireman by trade and photograher by hobbie and pick up side jobs like the Oscars for fun, maybe being a fireman has made me hone my sense of direction, although I recall my parents istilling that in us…. thanks for the laugh


    Jeremy Jones


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