Obama v. Cheney.

President Obama spoke today about national security, essentially confirming that the United States will remain a constitutionally correct nation, whose vigilance on defense and fighting terror will not mean the diminishing of civil rights or civil treatment of criminals in custody.

Former Vice-President Dick Cheney articulated an argument that “his” administration pursued the correct methods in trying to extract information from prisoners of war. He believes, fervently, that national security permits the United States to treat certain accused human beings in harsh ways as long as terror threatens these shores.

And I believe that terror will endure as long as there are people on Earth, but the constitutional values, traditions and laws of the US are essentially fragile, and only remain strong, when they are adhered to, under both peacetime and wartime conditions.

Therefore, my vote goes to President Obama. He is truly protecting the people of the United States by protecting the constitution and our laws which govern us.

Mr. Cheney is at war with the constitution, and aligned with a shadow government of military contractors, spies and latter day confederates.

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