Saving the Film Program at LACMA.


It is not hard to imagine that one of the premier cultural institutions in Los Angeles, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, would screen films and promote an educational, historical and entertainment series for the public.  This is, after all, the so-called film capital of the world, and without Hollywood the movies would probably not exist.

But LACMA is considering ending its film program, so many outraged people are now joining groups to protest the possible destruction of LACMA’s 40-year-old exhibition.

LOS ANGELES, Ca. – Aug. 4, 2009 – To combat the July 28 decision by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) to suspend its 40-year old film program, a group of concerned citizens, museum members and passionate film lovers–responding with blazing speed–has formed to help save film in Hollywood’s backyard. This group, known simply as Save Film at LACMA, boasts over 600 members including prominent movie critics, university professors, film-makers, film programmers and other art, culture and industry leaders. The online petition ( gathered over 250 signatures since it was posted on Aug. 2.


What is also strangely incomprehensible to me, is that the obscenely wealthy leaders of Hollywood’s film community, such as Judd Apatow, Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg, David Geffen and Director/Producers Laura Ziskin and Nora Ephron, have just not stepped up to the plate to voice their opposition to the end of the program at LACMA. I picked just five names whose combined income is probably close to a billion dollars a year!  What they spend in a month on scented candles and lunch could probably fund the entire film program at LACMA.10193496-greta-garbo.jpg.png

It is great that grass-roots activism is helping to publicize how important LACMA’s film program is. We also need the rich and powerful in Hollywood’s film community to step up to the plate!


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