Historic Van Nuys Fire Station May Be Saved.

Facade Engine Co 39.jpg, originally uploaded by Here in Van Nuys.

Only a few days ago, it looked like Councilman Tony Cardenas thought it a grand idea to demolish a historic piece of Van Nuys history.

Now, happily, the Councilman has more kind thoughts about the 1939 Fire Station No. 39:

“The building is beautiful and we will make sure it is preserved,” Cardenas said. “But it’s not just the station there that’s too small, it’s the streets and the surrounding area.”

More quotes from local residents and notables can be found here.

To quote the late photographer Richard Nickel, who documented the destruction of Chicago’s most historic buildings in the 1960’s:

“In a city of slums, why would you demolish its best buildings?”

6 thoughts on “Historic Van Nuys Fire Station May Be Saved.

  1. SAVE this gorgeous Art Moderne Building!! Don’t be stupid and wipe out your landmarks. Redding, CA up North lost their historic main street in the 70′(from stupid decisions) and they are having a hard time now to make their city charming with very few old buildings left. Tsk-Tsk.


  2. This is great news!

    I wonder if they have considered the possibility of tearing down the buildings north of the Fire Station on Friar (I can’t remember exactly what is there – a defunct bakery and a boxing studio?) and remodeling the building with a new larger facade and entry from that direction.

    It could preserve the look of the building on Sylvan, but increase the area for truck access.


      1. I don’t disagree . . . but they DID make a huge improvement to the ‘Civic Mall’ by tearing down all those bungalows south of City Hall and beautifying the area. Even made the front of the Library attractive.

        Maybe they could work their magic on the Fire Station.

        Somebody there has vision and good taste . . . and I hope they keep it up!


  3. I always thought it would be neat to live in a re-purposed fire station. You’d have a hell of a garage and workshop, and in the morning, you could slide down the pole to get to your car and go to work.


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