Observations About LA.

Photography by Colin Donahue
Photography by Colin Donahue

VMAN has a pictorial spread of young Angelenos, creative types, who spout out some very observant and trenchant things about Los Angeles:

“Don’t let the sunshine and laid back attitudes fool you, this is a city that rewards toughness. Los Angeles is a massive convergence of international people. Exceptionally strong communities of Latin Americans, Koreans, Thai, Armenians, Persians, and Vietnamese have arrived and changed this city. They thrive here because they are tough, full of courage, and believe in the possibilites of Los Angeles.”-Matt Luem, 34, Director

“My defense against the stereotype of Los Angeles is having a library. A lot of people here have “weekend reading” but they don’t read anything but scripts. Also, the Los Angeles river is made of concrete and doesn’t have any water in it and Hollywood didn’t even have a decent movie theater until three years ago! Despite its reputation, L.A. has a vibrant arts scene with seven levels of hipster. The only way to flourish in Los Angeles is to embrace the irony. And grow a vegetable garden!”- Dan Harris, 30, Writer/Director

“Living here you’re forced to confront these polar realities and surrealities in the same breath that aren’t completely cohesive. It’s a brilliant clash living here—every day you’re faced with both the extreme pain and beauty of living in this west-coast version of western culture. I love that tension. You hear the term “concrete jungle” which sounds like a gross developed grid work but if if you can shift your perspective—there’s tons and tons of diversity and a million species of everything here if you know where to look. It’s a city for explorers—there’s a strange kooky expansive side of L.A. If you let go and wander for a bit you can suddenly yourself in the Hills overlooking the entire city in any one of the many most amazing spots that are definitely outside of any tourist books’ jurisdiction.”-Rodney Hills, 45, Gallerist

‘Los Angeles and the West were based upon the notion of possibility and reinvention and I am attracted to the idea that California is so forgiving. My favorite nights are spent alone atop of Mount Pinos photographing the stars and making abstractions from celestial light. It is a powerful and frightening place at 8000 feet, but it really feels worlds away from the buzz of the city.”-Jed Lind, 31, Artist

One thought on “Observations About LA.

  1. My favorite line: “Everyone comes to L.A. sooner or later so if you just stay on the
    Sunset Strip for long enough you can meet the whole world eventually. I
    dig that.”

    Thanks for posting this. 🙂


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