Construction: Colfax Avenue Bridge, Studio City.

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On August 1, 2007 a Mississippi River bridge collapsed and killed 13 in Minneapolis, one that utilized the same design as the now dismantled Colfax Avenue Bridge in Studio City.

The City of Los Angeles – Department of Public Works – Bureau of Engineering, is now constructing a new crossing over the LA River.

Their website description:

“The scope of this project consists of replacing the existing Colfax Avenue steel-truss bridge, consisting of one traffic lane over the Los Angeles River, with a new concrete-arched box-girder bridge. The new arched box-girder bridgewill be approximately 28 feet wider than the existing bridge to accommodate one traffic lane, a 5-foot-wide bike lane, and a 7-foot-wide sidewalk on each side of the new bridge, as well as including a 10-foo-wide painted median.”

The estimated costs (paid for largely out of Federal money) is 5 million dollars. Completion will be sometime in 2011.

Photos show an old, steel pedestrian bridge adjacent to the site where the new concrete bridge will be located.

2 thoughts on “Construction: Colfax Avenue Bridge, Studio City.

  1. Can you have a concrete arch with a box girder design? I can’t wait to see what a mutation this is going to be.


    1. The steel you see in the photo is an existant pedestrian bridge that is to the south of where the concrete span will be built.


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