“This is the main dwelling on the beautiful walnut grove estate of Dr. Sidney Walker, 17367 Parthenia Street, Northridge, in the San Fernando Valley.

Dr. Walker has employed Yokichi Oyakawa, his son, Evan, and his daughter, Lily, who left Heart Mountain [internment camp] the end of February. Walker is a retired eye surgeon from Chicago and a veteran of World War I.

He is a real champion of the Japanese Americans and will go to bat with anybody and everybody who would deny evacuees the right to return to their homes. He is enthusiastic in his praise of the Oyakawas and allows them practically all the privileges of his estate even to the use of his beautiful swimming pool. Oyakawa is head gardener and his son, Evan, helps when not attending classes at UCLA, where he is a student. The daughter, Lily, holds the position of maid. The family occupies their own modern home just a few yards from that of the doctor and his wife. — Photographer: Mace, Charles E. — Northridge, California. 6/2/45

Contributing Institution:

UC Berkeley, Bancroft Library

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