Note: A controversial halfway house, dropped into a single family residential district, largely opposed by surrounding neighbors who rightly fear property values may drop, was actually financed by our LA County Supervisors, according to the letter below: 

Good Morning Nury—

Happy Thanksgiving—I hope you and your family enjoy a happy holiday.

I wanted to make you aware of the Tax Payers money that funded the purchase of 14926 Kittridge.  You know–the more we find out about this process — the more outrageous it becomes.  On 6-23-14 the county supervisors provided Village Family Services with $551,250 of taxpayer monies to secure 14926 Kittridge for a future halfway house in our neighborhood


VFS also received an additional $200,000 in taxpayer money for their “Drop In Center” located in CD2—-Our own tax money is funding this project that the community at large opposes.  Currently, the neighbors do not know this –and they will not be happy to learn about this.

We have also learned that VFS currently does not have the “county contract” or the “certification” needed for creating this “halfway house” in our community—we need your help to stop this from happening.

Sheila Kuehl will be coming into the supervisor’s seat on Monday, 12-1….I urge you— please— connect with her and put a stop to this nightmare for Van Nuys—-we need your effort.

Mr. Krekorian’s office has been very helpful with information—– the people of Van Nuys in the CD2 portion of our community came over to support our petition signing last Sat., 11-22-14.

Please keep us apprised of your efforts in this very serious matter.

Many Thanks,

Monica M. Alexenko


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