The Changing Valley (2005-2014)

When I began “Here in Van Nuys” in March 2005, I was not on a mission to document the soon-to-be-demolished parts of the San Fernando Valley.

But through time, some of the buildings I photographed and wrote of are now gone.

Below are some of these.

These buildings stood on the west side of the Van Nuys Airport along Balboa Blvd. They evoked, especially in fog, the WWII era. They were functional and plain and were bulldozed in 2013 to make way for new development.


The intersection of Burbank and Van Nuys Boulevard presented an opportunity to create a new, cohesive, architecturally significant corner. Alas, CVS, Chipotle and Chase Bank were all designed in vastly different styles and the area, upgraded, looks newer but without distinction.

Dec 11 Burbank:VNB:CVS

A community organizer from Chicago ran for President in 2008 and attracted these followers.


The LA River in Encino near the Woodley Avenue Bridge was a river of plastic in February 2010 before the sweeping plastic bag ban was put into effect.

Feb 2010 LA River Near Balboa

In May 2010, the “Russians” came to Studio City and transformed a Brady Bunch era commercial shop into a twin onion domed monstrosity.


Future home of “The Federal Bar” in North Hollywood before. (Circa 2008)


Many lovely homes from the 1920s and 30s were demolished along La Maida St. in North Hollywood to make way for pre-crash condos. (July 2006)

LaMaida St. NH July06

October 2007 along Redford St. in Studio City: more condos across from CBS.

Oct 2007 Radford

2 thoughts on “The Changing Valley (2005-2014)

  1. Thank you for all your time and effort in the pictures you posted. I was raised in the valley from the late 40’s until the mid 40’s and see many changes when I visit. So, so sad. What a wonderful place it was. Grace


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