In the 1950s, movies were censored.

Violence was off-screen.

Death, dismemberment, bloody accidents, injuries: all of it was hidden.

But real life photographers back then rushed to the scene and photographed the daily gore that makes the daily news.

One such example is this photo from May 5, 1957, near Vineland and Vanowen, where the lifeless body of Louis Bell, killed by a train in his truck, is lifted onto a stretcher.

Today we watch computer generated “entertainment” scenes of virtual gore that
would have made 1950s audiences vomit.

But who shoots real news photos today?


image.Train vsauto accident at Vineland Avenue and Vanowen Street14 May 1957Louis Bell (dead).Caption slipreads: "PhotographerGlickmanDate1957-05-14AssignmentTrain vsTruck 1 killedVineland Ave. and VanowenNoHollywoodG300/301/214/215Ambulance attendants lift body of Louis Bell onto stretcher; in background is his demolished truck".

3 thoughts on “Man in Truck Killed By Train: 1957

  1. What an interesting photo. The history of Van Nuys is amazing and photos like this keep the historical aspect of the city alive. Crime scene investigating has come a long way.


  2. Yet, Andy, it appears that nothing was learned from these graphic photos. They were shot and then buried in someone’s files. And, as with the rest of history, the stupidity of mankind is in it’s repeating it’s mistakes OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN! What a sad realization for the elderly to witness all of their mistakes being repeated because the young are too G** da**** haughty to shut up and listen and learn from them. My aging is simply overwhelmed as I watch the circle continue to widen and the same repetitive actions remain within it. Isn’t anyone ever gonna break out of the lazy routines and thinking to make a difference?


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