North of Victory, along such streets as Langdon and Orion, there are beautiful homes, lovingly maintained, with lush plantings and comely architecture.

But out on Sepulveda, between Lemay and Haynes, the meridian that breaks along the west side is like a hellish scene out of Tijuana. There are discarded toilets, papers and plastics, cans and bottles, televisions, even a picture of a holy saint thrown down like so much garbage.


What civilized place would permit the public areas to look this deplorable? Have we no pride or self-respect at all?

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12 thoughts on “Van Nuys, Tijuana.

  1. The photos show a disgusting and way too familiar scene. I was recently walking my dog near Kester and Hart and a car speeding down Kester slowed down just long enough for a passenger to toss a bag full of trash out the window onto the street. And it was an expensive-looking car, too. That made me so angry. I live here with my family….It’s not a garbage dump!


    1. It pissed me off when I read your comment; I would have wanted to run after that car screaming and yelling, “Come back and pick up your trash!” So disheartening:( And just think, it always wasn’t like this in Van Nuys…


  2. I’ve had this funny thought about collecting succulents from my own yard and just, very slowly obviously, cleaning it up bit by bit and planting it as I go. People love this neighborhood and I don’t know if relying on council people is really the way to improve things. Might just have to find the time to get my hands dirty.


      1. It would have to wait until the fall/winter season later this year to really have a chance to survive with the ground being so compacted but I think I may.


  3. Contrary to one commenter’s memory, there actually were trees planted along the subject median at one time. See link to L.A Times article below, from 2002, when 27 young purple leaf plum trees were installed. Problem is, there was no plan for maintenance, and the trees died. How lovely would it be to have a row of matured plum trees there now had they not been killed by city neglect? Where does that leave us? Makes me sick.


    1. Yes…I remember. There were trees planted there. But there was nobody put in charge of their maintenance as you said.
      It’s not enough to plant trees without caring for them. Just as you wouldn’t build a house or give birth to a child without following up.

      Van Nuys is so badly governed that we see for ourselves, even in the dead and destroyed trees, that empty gestures mean nothing if there is no follow through.


  4. Thanks for documenting this. I hope all city council members get to see this. Aren’t there people who are sentenced to do community service work? Could they clean up the area? Since the city is giving rebates for artificial grass, could they put some here? I’ve lived here since 1953 and that strip of land never had any plants, but I don’t recall it ever looking this bad. Does the valley have to threaten to secede to get something done in this area? That’s the only time the city tried to do anything here.


    1. I think that there should be a community service requirement in order to graduate from High School in Los Angeles. The lack of respect shown to the area, often by younger people who discard soda cans and garbage out of their parked cars, is the biggest contributor to trash I’ve seen. Another idea is to fine property owners who live closest to the garbage and trash with a $50 a day fine. This would help to implore local slobs to pick up trash in front of their homes and businesses. The only way to end this blight is to fine people with dollar penalties. That would end the never ending degradation of our community. Unfortunately, there is extreme cowardice and pandering to the population by our lawmakers.


  5. Hey Andy, Does Nury get your posts?

    It’s crazy I walk by here everyday from work and was just telling my neighbor about this. So depressing. Why can’t we just grow some nice low maintenance evergreen trees?!


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