In the 1960s, Van Nuys was booming, respectable and the site of progressive, modern banking.


In this October 7, 1963 photo, from the Valley Times Collection at the LAPL, actors and local business and financial leaders gather to snip a ribbon at the new headquarters of the Financial Center Building. The building still stands, just west of Van Nuys Boulevard.

“Dressed in a custom-made Lincoln-style outfit, Martin Pollard, left, chairman of the board of Lincoln Bank, 14545 Victory Blvd., Van Nuys, snips the ribbon with the symbolic rail-splitting ax to open the new headquarters in the Financial Center Building. Assisting Pollard in the opening ceremonies were Arthur D. Aston, president of the Van Nuys Chamber of Commerce; Ed Begley, actor; La Rayne Richards, Miss Van Nuys; Miles Rhyne, president of the bank, and Horace Heidt, honorary mayor of Van Nuys. Following a two-day grand-opening Thursday and Friday, the bank has returned to regular schedule of hours, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Fridays.”

Not only was there a Lincoln Bank in the new Financial Center Building, but also a Jefferson Savings. In the photo below, men in suits and women in high heels smile at a bright future of home loans.


“First visitor to Jefferson Savings’ new headquarters in the six-story Financial Center Building is Mrs. Jones Hawley of Encino, left. She is given a warm welcome by president William Ravenscroft, left center, executive vice president and manager Larry Kirwan, and Miss Los Angeles (Jackie Jansen). Miss L. A. served as official hostess during Jefferson Savings’ open house celebration. New building is at 14545 Victory Blvd., Van Nuys.”

Four days before President Kennedy was assassinated, an oil portrait of Thomas Jefferson was presented to Jefferson Savings.

November 18, 1963 reads, “Famed artist Josef Silhavy (left) talks about his finished oil painting of Thomas Jefferson to president William Ravenscroft (right), and executive vice president and manager Larry Kirwan, Jefferson Savings and Loan Association. Painting hangs in Jefferson Savings’ new headquarters in Financial Center Building, 14545 Victory Blvd., Van Nuys.”


6 thoughts on “Opening of the Financial Center Building (14545 Victory), 1963

  1. My parents were just about to get married when this building opened, and they were going to live in Van Nuys where my dad had already been living for a couple of years, working at the GM plant. I wasn’t born yet, but I think the Van Nuys of that era was such a great place. I bemoan what has happened to it since then. My parents have always said that it truly was a great place to live back in the ’60’s & even into the ’70’s, which is when I remember it more. It was still fairly decent in the early to mid ’70’s.


  2. “Bank on it”–Bernie Sanders’ first act ought to be to stop S+Ltypes from stealing Lincoln’s and Jefferson’s names and honor for their banks. What would Lincoln say to Charles Keating, who trashed “Honest Abe’s” good name?

    There’s more–that area was important in the 1960’s. The bank building you see, the Fox Theater (long gone–mid block w side of VN n of Victory), a Woolworth’s (where the pupuseria is), and “The House of Sight and Sound”, a tv store as ritzy as its name.

    Everyone of age remembers the slogan—for the House of Sight and Sound–“Victory and Van Nuys–in the heart of Van Nuys”.

    Such a potent rhythm that a disc jockey at “KGIL in the Valley” became “Larry Van Nuys”.

    And even a City parking lot to “save” the theater and the heart of Van Nuys. Couldn’t save it–though.


    1. Larry Van Nuys is still out there –trying. My brother and I–silly punsters–wanted Larry Van Nuys to change his name and be Larry Valencia or Larry Northridge.


  3. Think it’s just abandoned now…..That was my first bank! I remember my grandma taking me there as a boy and I would deposit my rolled pennies into my savings account and got like 15% interest then! LOL! Van Nuys was like Mayberry then!! SUCH great times!!! ‘Member all the candy you could get for $1.00? A whole bag of goodies!!


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