La Linda is an artisanal cafe and bakery built within a 1927 garden house in Montevideo, Uruguay. The architect is Pedro Livni.

Dezeen featured it on their blog and I’m bringing it, digitally, to Here in Van Nuys.

Why can’t we have a place like this near downtown-like Van Nuys?

On Gilmore Street, west of Van Nuys Boulevard, north of Victory, there is a row of empty shops across from, of course, a large, underutilized parking lot.

An old grocery store at 14547 sits forlorn and abandoned with homeless packed under the eaves of the building, and no signs of any forthcoming improvements.

Perhaps someone poor and unknown, who grew up in nearby Sherman Oaks and Encino, someone like Nancy Silverton, the celebrity founder of La Brea Bakery who sold her enterprise for $55 million in 2001, might come up to Van Nuys, 20 minutes north of Beverly Hills, and wave her imagination, her vision, and her money at a forgotten corner of Los Angeles. She could come her by Uber, maybe split a ride with her housekeepers from Pacoima and Panorama City and check it out.

She could partner with animal rights photographer, musician and Silver Lake resident Moby, and with his $32 million dollars, they might fund a bakery here, employing poor men and women, as well as starving artists, starving architects and starving for vision politicians.


Nancy Silverton

Photography of La Linda is by Pablo Casals Aguirre.

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