We are looking for a slow-paced, day-dreaming, moody worker who does not have it all together, and cannot define themselves in a single sentence.

The atmosphere in our company is relaxed, courteous, clean, casual but introspective. There is jazz or classical music playing, and the bosses trust you to execute work without them losing their temper or becoming unhinged.

Nobody comes to our office on bike, but we love the idea of promoting biking as a way to commute. Please bring a bike to the office (carry it atop your SUV) so we can stress how important it is to bike to work.

There is a promised retirement plan in all our want ads, and a fully paid health plan including coverage for mental health, pregnancy and childcare, and six weeks paid vacation. We think keeping our workers healthy will help them be productive and happier. And that’s what we promise you when you apply here.

The office is located near your home, and if you want to stay home and just go online, that is also a prerogative. Nobody should be forced to come to work everyday if they don’t feel like it, and if they think they can work better at home, that makes sense. Try it after you work here and see how long you end up working here.

In all honesty, our company prefers young workers, preferably ones who just graduated college and have no family responsibilities. That makes it easier for us to pay you less.  We do have a 53-year-old woman here but she works nights cleaning our offices.

We also like diversity in race, gender, and looks, as long as you are not over 33 you are welcome in our company.

We are especially eager to promote great causes that help people in need as long as these causes can promote a great image for our company. Breast cancer, dog and cat adoption, and healthy eating are some of our favorite image causes.

You will see our kind of company all around Culver City where a uniquely conforming sameness renders each and every place the province of fresh-faced workers who create internet content, produce internet content, monitor internet content, license internet content, promote internet content, trade internet content, sell internet content, translate international internet, and spin off apps for every type of content found online.

If you think you want to work with us, please click the link below. We are so excited to find amazing people like you!

2 thoughts on “Needed: Slow Paced, Dreamy, Moody Worker

  1. LOL!

    I think somewhere along the line we are related.

    You notice EXACTLY the same juvenile silliness of our modern age as I do.


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