Down on the streets, LA is a mess, a tent city of encampments, trash, shopping carts, RVs and civic disorder.

But on the way up the trail to Griffith Observatory, the city assumes its old panorama of possibilities.

Filtered out of these photographs are the humans and their rulers who make this city so perplexing.

Here is the white cloud sky, the one lone palm on the hill, the pine tree, the arid and rocky slope descent, the dome of an Art Deco landmark, the white buildings in the distance, the hiking trails, the Hollywood sign, the graceful Grecian frieze on the cylindrical tower of the observatory.

Here is Los Angeles aspiring to a vision of grace, aesthetics, science and civic ennoblement. 

Here is where the young visit vowing to move to start their adulthood. They’ll stand along these vistas and dream of tomorrow. 

“Just wait, you’ll see, I’m going to make it!”

Griffith Park, Griffith Observatory,“Rebel Without a Cause,” James Dean and Natalie Wood, Hollywood Stars; and the stars in the sky: Sirius, Canopus, Arcturus, Alpha Centauri. 

Look back, look down, look up, look out. 

Griffith Observatory was finished in 1935, in the midst of the Great Depression.

Think of that year, 1935: thin in resources, rich in imagination, practical in execution.

That’s why this was all built, not only Griffith Observatory, but the entire project called the City of Los Angeles.

Down on the streets, LA is without leaders, a tent city of encampments, trash, shopping carts, RVs and civic disorder.

But up here are found the better angels of the City of Angels.

2 thoughts on “Panorama of Possibilities.

  1. A theme Victor Davis Hanson often circles back to is that current generations – which I suppose is you, me, and everyone reading this – have squandered the immense gifts our forefathers bequeathed us.

    For over 100 years hard working, inventive visionaries built a truly golden land the likes of which the world had never seen. (I’ve linked below the wiki of the Big Creek Hydro Project, located on that part of the western Sierras between Yosemite and Kings Canyon/Sequoia, and perhaps the most under-appreciated infrastructure project in the country. So Cal Edison still derives 20% of its entire generating capacity from Big Creek. And it was pencilled out by some of those inventive visionaries well over 100 years ago.)

    Now? California reminds me of a sputtering, bloated old gasbag, like Orson Wells doing Paul Masson commercials. (“We will sell no wine before its time!”……for those of you old enough to recall Wells in his corpulent dotage…..LOL)

    Tech? Of course, but…considering at this point “tech” in The Valley is almost all some variant of social media…..some wag noted something to the effect of: “the whole purpose of social media is figuring out ways to get your pizza delivered to you faster”.

    Orson Wells—–


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