How Can This Be?

On a weekend we started again to go down to Koreatown for food.

Before the pandemic we went all over the city to find great things to eat, places to explore, neighborhoods to walk around.

Now you drive along the Hollywood Freeway and there are piles of garbage up and down the hills, tent encampments, trees set afire, just absolute utter appalling destitution.

At the Western Avenue off ramp, this trash has been like this for perhaps five years, so it pre-dates, by many years, the great excuse of the pandemic.

Last Saturday there were two men drinking beer inside the trash heap.

Yet these two photos show only a glimmer of what else exists, everywhere.

There are tents, campers, cars, RVs, trucks, along more streets in Los Angeles.

And the freeway is a camping zone, a place where hundreds are sleeping.

How can this be?

What state and what city would tolerate this?
Nobody benefits from it. Not the poor, not the homeless, not the mentally ill.

And not the 99% of Californians who live here.

2 thoughts on “How Can This Be?

  1. Just for giggles I headed over to Google to check the streetviews. Check out the Gower underpass, not far from the SB Western exit. In 2018 the sidewalks were empty. Latest streetview is Dec 2020. FILLED with homeless and their “possessions”, even spilling out over the curb and into lanes of traffic.,-118.3224847,3a,75y,182.84h,75.61t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1srLjtChr_CNZA8VjjBFUktw!2e0!7i16384!8i8192?hl=en&authuser=0


    1. Yes. The irony is Garcetti (Garbageciti) has been using the pandemic as his excuse when the situation was already out-of-control before the virus. When NBC shames the city, they swing into action and get CALTRANS to clean up and then the very next day (or later that day) the garbage and trash come right back.


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