Sunday morning, I woke up with a text from a neighbor. 

Someone had ransacked his converted garage, recently remodeled for reality TV. He wondered if I heard anything or thought who might be responsible.

He later sent me a video from his next-door-neighbor showing a masked, gloved, backpack wearing prowler at 2am.


He said Mark W.’s car had been tampered with, and Mark T’s, and Ray’s. 

I texted another neighbor, Pablo, about the multiple robberies. He was shocked.

Then Pablo texted me an hour later.

He said his ADU, in back, with sleeping tenant inside, was also hit. The burglar, now a “hot prowl” had taken an Apple Watch.  

Pablo’s wife called LAPD, and six hours later they came and a report was filed.

The thief was caught Sunday night. Apparently, the Apple Watch led the cops to a location on Delano Street. 

The hood had been shaken, but there was some relief. Now we can stay calm until the next fire, robbery, assault, burglary, etc. 

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