Last night was a reunion at MacLeod Ale, the first time all of us had gathered since last March 2020.

Times have changed.

There was a large area outside under tents where many could gather. Let’s hope they keep this pandemic innovation.

Some pizzas are spicier, some beers are smaller, some people are larger.

After 15 months, everyone looks a few years older, including this writer.

As night fell, the place got more crowded, and that familiar loudspeaker announcement came on to have someone move a car blocking other cars on the driveway. There has never been enough parking here, which is a good thing for those who want people to walk, Uber or bike here. Bad for those who measure the quality of life in Los Angeles by how much parking there is.

Anyway, it was good to see friends. Again.

2 thoughts on “Reunion

  1. What kismet… I first discovered your blog searching for old photos of van nuys drive ins… then first discovered Macleods through your blog… last night, we, too, first went back to Macleods in person with friends after this long winters night. We were sitting right next to y’all and didn’t even know it! Sorry I would not have known you by sight, but I recognize those dogs now – I would have said hello and thank you for sharing your stories and photos of our weird and whacked out hood.


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