The Fart Billboard.

For at least a year, this degrading billboard advertising “Power 106” Hip-Hop Radio has stood atop this equally nauseating mini-mall near Sepulveda and Victory.

Perhaps it’s a coincidence that it sits right over the beans and burrito El Pollo Loco.

This is the free market at its finest, where freedom of expression, for enormously wealthy outdoor advertisers like Clear Channel, takes precedence over the civic quality of life in Los Angeles.

We live in a sea of grossness, surrounded by the absolute lowest quality of commercialism and we are supposed to just turn a blind eye to it and move on.

But this is our city, where we live, raise children and hope that our urban surroundings might have just the slightest elevating effect.

The joke is on us.

14 thoughts on “The Fart Billboard.

  1. 11:57, you would want a Banksy over this? That scumbag who spray painted an elephant?

    Anyway, Clear Channel CANNOT put up “whatever it wants.” They cannot put up an electronic billboard for example. Nor can they put up profanity or nudity.

    In fact, the “market” can put pressure on the local city councilmember to regulate Clear Channel to the point where it becomes more compliant. THAT, is the free market talking.

    But, yes, I agree that this is an eyesore of a strip mall, and that the Latino culture in the area allows itself to be degraded and debased with such “humor.”


  2. What is offensive to me, is the pervasive and invasive presence of the billboard. It inserts itself into our outdoor environment in a way that contributes to ugliness. States like Vermont, municipalities such as Beverly Hills, all have restrictions on billboards. Yet, Los Angeles chooses to go in the opposite direction, they allow almost any commercial building to put up a sign.

    The signs are taller than the buildings, wider than many, and advertise beer, liquor, strip clubs.

    Even if they were advertising church services I would say they are a blight on our city.

    But the content also counts.


  3. Equally appalling is that it’s also grammatically incorrect. It should read “… HAS gas” and not “GOT gas.”


  4. I remember first noticing this billboard and how much weight Big Boi lost. It did give me a real chuckle though.

    The really funny thing is that I haven’t noticed this or any other billboards in a while! I think after living in L.A. my whole life I’ve somehow developed a subconscious selective vision and tuned out this noise.

    It’s too bad that civic leaders never had the foresight to see how much negative effect billboards would have on our visual surroundings. Despite how much I hate them, it’s one of those things that you can’t turn the clock back on (at least not in L.A.).


  5. the problem here is when you folks start deeming the billboard offensive…to others the mere presence of the roman holiday on victory just east of van nuys is offensive…so what gets to stay and what goes? me? i’ve got no problem with either and have always loved fart, scatalogical humor, etc.


  6. Bro renegade, I completely agree with you! Who says Giant Media companies have the right to pollute our visual landscapes with offensive Advertising garbage?

    Oops, I do…um..well…hey at least I am getting rich from it!

    Rocky Delgadillo, City Attorney


  7. I totally disagree Fred. I bet if you put it to a vote, the neighborhood would have that billboard taken down. The problem here is that the billboard owner can put whatever they want up, regardless of the impact it has on the neighborhood. Our city streets are saturated with billboards and advertisements that we have no say in, the only difference between these advertisers and graffitti artists is that somehow the billboard owners have the RIGHT to scar our visual horizon. Go figure, I’d take a Banksy over this garbage any day.


  8. The thing about the free market is that it represents the people. You think Clear Channel is putting fart billboards up just to pwn Los Angeles? No, people love Big Boi, love Power 106, and love fart jokes. They also love fast food, cars, and plenty of parking. This stuff only exists because it’s what the majority of people WANT. Sure you could try to enforce morality and taste by banning this and that and whatever, but it won’t truly change people’s desires and tastes.


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